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Town of Atrisco Grant Merced


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Corporate offices: 2708 Rosendo Garcia SW, Atrisco, NM 87105

Mailing Address: 2708 Rosendo Garcia SW, Atrisco, NM 87105


Town of Atrisco Grant Merced Board of Trustees 

Jerome Padilla 505 385 1788

Jaime Chavez 505 730 7555

Jesus (Jesse) Anzures

Joseph Garcia 

Vacant: Secretary

Dear : Atrisco Heir

Subject: Invitation to join a newly created Advisory Board of Directors (Non Voting)

The election of the Town of Atrisco Grant-Merced Board of Trustees was held on July 19, 2011. The Trustee’s nominating committee is creating a slate of candidates willing to serve under the Trustees as a Non Voting Board of Directors. Our goal is that each Board of Trustee nominates 5 Board of Directors to assist the Trustees in committee assignment.

They will work together to create a strong vision and plan for the future of the new Political Subdivision Status attained at the 2011 legislative session.

The Board of Directors will be in a leadership role. Directors are expected to be organizers and active participants in the Mercedes’ many activities.

The Board of Directors will assist the Board of Trustees to supervise, controls, and directs the affairs of Town of Atrisco Grant Merced as it executes the policies and decisions of the active membership, actively promotes the Merced’s objectives, and has discretion in the disbursement of funds.

Quarterly meetings are scheduled to manage the affairs of the Town of Atrisco Grant-Merced and will operate under the New Mexico Open Meetings Act. Board meetings are held the third Thursday of each quarter from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Attendance in person or by call-in conferencing may be possible. Boards of Directors are expected to attend, in person or by phone, a minimum of 75% of the Board meetings held in a 12-month period.

We ask that a Director serve for two (2) calendar years, beginning with the first board meeting after the regular Annual Meeting. The term of office may be extended an additional two (2) years if so desired by the Director and the Trustee. Upon completion of four (4) years, a Director may stand for reelection by making their intentions known to the nominating committee and the new incoming Board of Trustees.

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone you think would be valuable to our objectives and activities, please email a letter of interest to or Richard Griego Secretary or Me at If nominating someone else, please talk with them before hand to determine their interest.


Jerome Padilla, Town of Atrisco Grant –Merced

Board of Trustee , President 505 385 1788


More information at

Jerome Padilla or 505 847 5125

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Jerome Padilla or 505 847 5125