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HELD its first meeting as a State of New Mexico Chapter 49 NMSA 1978  UNIT of Government on August 23, 2011 . Go to the meeting information tab for Future meeting info.   The Atrisco Land Grant board of Elders reorganized the 1848 board of trustees in 2007 and Jerome Padila, Jaime Chavez , Jesus Anzures, Dr. Richard J. Griego and Joseph Garcia  lead the legistive committee to Petition the Legislature to approve the Creation of a State Entity land grant under the state Ch. 49 provisions.


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Short history

In 2006 after the Westland Board of Directors voted to merge with Suncal without full approval of the HEIRS.   In which Only shareholders were allowed to participate disenfranchising by not allowing HEIRS who held not Securities and Exchange commission regulated SHARES to vote.   Jerome Padilla Co Chair of the Concerned Heirs a group organized to opposed the Merger and share information with NON shareholders. After the merger was approved by share holders Jerome wanted  to continue to inform HEIRS of this violation of Heirship rights by the westland board of directors.  Jerome Goal was to have ALL Heirs not just shareholders be involved in the affairs of the Atrisco Land Grant. After Much research  Jerome contacted Jaime Chavez, Debra Lett, Dr. Richard Griego, Joseph Garcia to discuss continuing to meet and have tradional land grant elections.   The Atrisco Land Grant Board of Trustees fell dormant after a 1971 lawsuit in which control of approx 55,000 acres of Land were given to a new formed Corporation Called Westland after 1967 State of New Mexico legislation allowing for this.  So in 2007 an Atrisco Land Grant committed was formed to announce, run and election for the reconstitued Atrisco Land Grant Board of Trustees.   Committee meetings, Community meetings were held and for the 1st time since 1967 all heirs had the right to vote to elect leadership that had the best interest of the HEIRship , NOT just the Shareholders as Westland Had done.  As a result in 2007 The Town of Atrisco Grant Elected 5 members  to lead the Atrisco Land Grant in its post merger era.  Jerome Padilla was elected as President of the Atrisco Land Grant Board of Trustees Elders Board, Joseph Garcia Vice President, Dr. Richad Griego Secretary, Jaime Chavez and Jesus Anzures Treasurer.   The Board joined the State wide Land Grant board which was opposed by Senator Bernadette Sanchez and Peter Sanchez from the Atrisco Heritage foundation.  In 2008 The Atrisco Board led by Jerome Padilla petitioned the NM state Legislature to take advantage of  political subdivision status afforded land grant with the approval of the Traditional Land grant boards.  A 2004 law allowed land grants to create units of government to assist Land grant establish stronger jusidictional powers.   So the Atrisco Land Grant Elders Board of Trustees requested that Sen. Eric Griego and Dianne Hamilton carry legislation to get this passed by the NM Legislature.

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